Titanium Slag Application

Titanium Slag is an upgraded white pigment that comes from limonite and used in the manufacture of paint, paper and plastics. Titanium slag contains a high percentage of titanium dioxide, which is used largely to produce TiO2 pigment. Titanium slag is produced in our smelter plants where it is tapped from furnaces and treated to produce various grades of chloride slag. Titanium dioxide pigment can also be produced from higher titanium content feedstock such as upgraded slag, rutile and leucoxene via a chloride acid process.

Titanium Slag Recycling Machine

As world population increases and the world economy expands, so does the demand for natural resources. An accurate assessment of the Nation’s mineral resources must include not only the resources available in the ground but also those that become available through recycling.

Recycling of metal scrap has gained significant importance in the recent years for a variety of reasons. Exploitation of large quantities of ores by metallurgical industries produces enormous amount of industrial wastes. Recycling of metals reduces waste generation and therefore pollution of the environment.

Many different types of machines are involved in titanium slag recycling applications, such as crushing plant, grinding mill, screening machine, classifier, separation machine etc. All these machines work together and show excellent performance in refining useful material from titanium slag.

Titanium Slag Recycling Machine Advantages

  • Maximizes glass breakage and capture rates
  • Minimizes wear and tear on downstream equipment
  • Increases system throughput and uptime
  • Lowest maintenance costs in the industry
  • Provides better separation of light materials from glass
  • Heavy duty structural steel frame
  • Automatic lubrication option available

Titanium Slag Crusher Plant

With technical support team of diligent professionals, SBM provides the best quality range of slag recycling crusher machine for sale. These crushers are equipped with high grade impact hammers for optimum performance and durability. The high quality slag crusher is available with capacity range from 10tph-50tph, 50tph-80tph, 80-120tph, 120-200tph etc. These slag crushers are designed in robust and compact structure and light weighted.

SBM advanced technology and professional experience in designing, applying and servicing crusher plants. We provide high quality crusher equipment which meet the market’s need for recycling applications of waste material and slag. We also customize recycling crusher solution according to your requirements. Please chat online with us for more information.