Feldspar occurs in pegmatite hosted within the granitic gneisses and schist of the basement. Pegmatite groups occur extensively within the basement of Central Province (such as Serenje, Mkushi and Mita Hills areas) oriented roughly parallel to the regional north easterly strike. Several have been worked recently for use in glass and ceramics production. Feldspar-bearing pegmatite has also been recorded in Northern, Eastern and Southern provinces, such as Shiwa N-gandu, Lundazi and Mazabuka and Siavonga. Feldspar is important materials for many industries, for example, the glass production. With Philippines government’s endeavor of adjusting Philippines industry structure, Philippines feldspar crusher plants will have bright future.

Feldspar Crushers in Philippines

The hardness of feldspar is a little high; it fluctuates between 6 and 6.5. The specific gravity is about 2~2.5. Though it is crisp, it has high compressive strength. So impact crushers are not suitable for crushing feldspar. The commonly Philippines feldspar crushing plants consist of feeding equipments like vibrating feeder, crushing equipments like jaw crusher and cone crusher, screening equipments like vibrating screen and carrier like belt conveyors.

Feldspar mining equipment in Philippines

BYR produces all of these feldspar equipments in our manufacturer factory. To make our products fit for Philippines environment well; we strengthen the frame of jaw crusher frame and the main wear parts. For example, we thicken the fix jaw plate and cheek plate, ensuring longer service time of the wear parts. BYR jaw crushers are widely used in various mining crusher plants and series of mining ore crushing plants between 50~1000 tons. BYR cone crushers are really high performance crusher, especially the HP series cone crusher, it adopts optimistic design and advance hydraulic control system. Producers can adjust the output size easily, ensuring steady output size range. The HP series are widely used in many large scale mining ore production lines.

Both vibrating feeder and vibrating screen have simple structure, making they are easy to be operated. BYR designed side guard plate to protect the frame of vibrating feeder. And we pay great attention to design the lock system of wire mesh of vibrating screens. Using the special design, producers can change the wire mesh easily.

It is well-known that routine belt conveyors are slippery and the performance will be affected if mining aggregates slip on belt conveyors. So BYR recommends producers using our “V” series belt conveyor. In this way, the crushing plants can still work well even in rainy days.

Feldspar crusher machine manufacturer

Though the above shows commonly feldspar crushers in Philippines, the final crushing equipments configure greatly depend on producers’ requirements and engineers’ design.

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