Coal Crushing Machine

SBM has been specialized in coal mining industry for decades. Coal crushing machine is important for coal handling. It has the ability to handle large lumps ofROM material without blockagesand the ability to continually crush and clean raw coal. Coal fines produced in the handling process is minimized as thecoal is crushed along natural cleavages.The machine is easy to maintain and repair,as it is driven from one end only by a simple drive assembly. Low operating costs and downtime ensure high production efficiency.

Coal Sorting Application

Most coal handling plants use water intensive separation processes such as dense medium separation or jigging plants. In recent years, dry coal separation technologies is more and more popular because water is becoming a limited resource in many coal producing regions, also resulting in high production costs; dry coal has a higher heating value than wet coal; transportation of wet coal is more expensive and because of the costs involved in the environmental rehabilitation of coalslimes. SBM provides various types coal handling, processing and sorting machine for sale. If you want to know coal handling equipment price, please contact us.

Coal Handling Plant Price

SBM provides wide range of coal handling equipmentwith extensive application in coal based thermal power plants and coal handling plants. Our manufactured coal handling system is configured on the basis of satisfying our clients in terms of design, functioning and commissioning coal handling plant is a facility that washes coal of soil and rock, preparing it for transport to market. The more of this waste material that can be removed from coal, the greater its market value and the lower its transportation costs.

Coal Production Process

After the extracted from mines, coal varies widely in size, ash content, moisture content, and sulfurcontent. Coal production is also called preparation process; it aims to improve the ROM coal to for final application demands, as per the requirements of each industrial application.One important purpose of coal preparation is to increase the heatingvalue of the coal by mechanical removal of impurities and gangues.Different types of mechanical cleaning equipment and coal processing equipment are required for cleaning of coals in differentsize ranges. Coal larger than eight inches is usually crushed to a smaller size; when lump coal isrequired, the large fraction is cleaned by slate pickers. SBM is a world famous coal production line supplier; we provide complete series of coal processing equipment ofr sale.

Coal Jigging Table Washing Plant

Jig-table washing plant applies jigs to clean the coal materials. Froth cells or thermal dryers may beused together with this equipment.The raw coal, restricted to sizes smaller than eight inches, is separated on a wet screen. The large-sized particle goes into the jig; the remaining coal is conveyed to aseparate cleaning circuit. The coal is dewatered on screens and in centrifuges, crushed to the desiredsize, and loaded. The jig makes the “equivalent” gravity separation on the principles of settling inrising and falling currents.

Coal Production Line Supplier

The extracted coal materials should be processed in the production process to remove impurities and gangues. This process requiresmany different types of equipment including cleaning plants, screens, coal crushers, coal picking tables, and coal washers. These plants often practiced hand picking for the lump and egg sizes and washed the coarser coal. The fine coal was usually delivered for final application. SBM has been specialized in mining industry for decades. As a professional coal production line supplier, we provide comprehensive series of coal preparation equipment. SBM coal production line has been exported to Philippine, India, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Russia, Ghana, Egypt, Nubia, Peru, Indonesia, Zimbabwe and Guinea etc. If you are interested, please contact us for more information