The vibrating feeder is used in the production process to feed the massive, granular and powdered material continuously or quantitatively from the storage silo or funnel to the receiving equipment. In the crushing production line, this product can be broken for continuous and uniform feeding machine, and the initial screening of materials.

Comes with pre-screening function, widely adapted to a variety of industries

In the production line, ZSW vibration feeder can be used for a variety of mining of ore, rocks, river gravel and construction waste and other massive and granular materials feeding operations; trough configuration single grate, the material can be a simple pre- Screening, can effectively remove the fines in the raw materials and impurities.

Double eccentric shaft exciter, stronger than the general exciter

The equipment adopts double eccentric shaft exciter, which has strong exciting force, stable amplitude, uniform feeding, continuous and high production efficiency, and can ensure the best working condition of receiving equipment.

Inheritance of classic design, work performance is guaranteed

Equipment in the traditional vibration feeder technology on the basis of optimization, the overall structure is more reasonable, more stable use of equipment performance, can adapt to a long time continuous work.

Optimized and simple structure makes maintenance easier

Equipment structure is simple, easy operation and maintenance, feed trough in the process of small wear and tear, low steel consumption in the production process, maintenance and use of low cost.


ZSW series vibrating feeder