Proper use and maintenance of the circuit breaker is a performance impact, and incorrect use and maintenance will damage the crusher equipment, resulting in failure and lower production efficiency and product quality Key crusher. In order to keep under the impact crusher working conditions, we should use this crusher, pay attention to the following aspects:

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(1)A miniature impact crusher, no-load should be started, otherwise, the motor load will increase, which may lead to an excessive starting current, or even break down the motor. If small impact crusher with dual rotors, they should be started separate grinding machine, first start the second stage of the rotor, and then start the first stage rotor.

(2) Supply amount should be uniform along the rotor, which can otherwise accelerate wear plate hammer and concentrated impingement plate, reducing the length direction of the crusher capacity. Mini impact crusher is a high-speed rotation, equipped with feeder machine should be able to continuously feed.

(3) During operation of the machine, the operator can not open the door to observe the inside of the machine to check that they should stay away from the inlet, to avoid flying out of the crushing chamber material damage.

(4) When you install and run the crusher or adjust the strike plate for the first time, check whether stuck or moving parts collide with each other, can only be put into operation after everything is normal. During operation, the impact of the adjustment plate prohibited, to avoid accidents.

(5) When the machine is running, pay attention to the main rotor bearing temperature rise. If the temperature rises above a predetermined value, it should be immediately shut down for inspection. If there is significant vibration, stop immediately and find out the reason.