Oil - electric dual drive, two modes of work free to switch

The power system of the tracked mobile station adopts the oil-electric double-drive concept. The user can select the diesel generator driver according to the actual conditions of the mining area, or directly use the local power grid to completely solve the problem of electricity consumption in remote areas of some areas, and also meet some users' Fuel costs.

Hydraulic control, stable energy saving

The equipment is driven by hydraulic pressure. It is very smooth and flexible to operate, whether it is equipment installation, machine work or stepless speed changing. And because the machine configuration load-sensitive control system and multiple protection devices, intelligent system traffic output on-demand distribution, operation more secure, higher energy efficiency.

Configuration flexibility, wide range of applications

Crushing and sieving. It can be used for coarse crushing, medium crushing and sieving. It can be flexibly configured according to user's requirements. It can be used for crushing, sieving, To provide users with the best configuration. The unit can be operated separately, can be combined with other tracked or other fixed or mobile equipment; compact, can be used in a narrow venue, but also can adjust the work position at any time according to requirements.


Crawler type mobile crushing station