In the face of the market's traditional mechanism of gravel grading unreasonable, powder, mud content is too high, grain type is not standard and other issues, SBM integration of more than 130 countries of engineering experience and 30 years of crushing, sand and milling industry accumulation , And created a floor-type plane and high-quality mechanism of gravel sets processing system, to overcome the optimization process of breaking, grinding and election problems. Production of finished gravel quality standards, and the production process zero sludge, zero waste water and dust-free, fully in line with environmental requirements for the gravel industry has brought tremendous benefits and opportunities for development.


VU Dry Process Sand Making System

Fully enclosed system, high environmental protection

It is fully enclosed conveying, production, and negative pressure dust removal design to ensure that the production of sewage, no sludge, no dust and noise emissions in full compliance with environmental protection requirements.

Unique grinding and shaping technology, finished sandstone quality is higher

Completely using the original grinding technology and waterfall plastic surgery technology, so that the finished gravel grading reasonable and mellow rounded, effectively reducing the thickness of the aggregate surface area and porosity; the same time, the use of dry powder removal technology, the finished sand Of powder content adjustable controllable.

Intensive design, less space efficient

The use of intensive tower design, the main structure occupies only 400 square meters, a substantial reduction in land area; integrated air screening and dry screening technology, greatly enhance the screening efficiency, while effectively reducing the blocking screen failure; Significantly extend the use of damaged parts, effectively reducing downtime.

Turning waste into treasure, a higher return on investment

Sand and gravel is the most basic building materials, the amount of large-site mechanism of gravel set of systems can be cheap and easy to get stone chips into high-value high-quality sand, lucrative. Production of sand can replace natural sand, to meet the huge market demand for high-quality sand.