Feeder is one of the common industrial equipment crusher, vibrating feeder can flow from the inner vault of material within a specified period of time, even to the crusher. Frequent use of vibrating screen, bucket elevator and other facilities, not only the production process automation, and cost savings, increased production, are mineral processing, metallurgical, mining, and other industries optimum abrasive feed device.

Vibrating feeder regular, uniform, continuous feed feature to avoid crushing equipment idle, boring car, to ensure normal operation of the crusher, high crushing efficiency and high yield. After years of development, there are a variety of vibrating feeder, according to the work mode of moving parts can be divided into linear, reciprocating and rotary. Screw feeder and impeller feeder belong to Rotary, vibrating feeder belonging to reciprocate. Given that many model feeder, the feeder option we should consider several aspects. For example, feed speed adjustment range, installation, environmental and weight of their own should be considered.

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On the mechanism of sand production line, in addition to feeding feeder also features a functional screen, the feeder can be screened for non-stone. Feeder has a simple structure, wear-resistant, easy maintenance and other advantages.

Feeder automation industry in sand, full-motion can not be ignored, and now the country is in a period of rapid development, the company has followed the rapid development. In recent years, increased the high-speed rail, power generation, hydraulic industry, urban construction investment, which means that the demand for sand and gravel aggregate is also increasing, it also led to the rise of the surrounding sand and gravel plant, a large number of gravel At the same time a large number of aggregate demand, production of sand and gravel equipment is the key.

Natural sand can not meet the needs of the market, it requires a lot of artificial sand and gravel aggregate construction. With the continuous development of the total investment, gravel equipment requirements are also increasing, especially in highways, high-speed rail and other advanced engineering, equipment is very strict gravel and stone production equipment.

SBM continue to attract foreign high-level talent, innovation vibrating feeder is mainly used for the production of sand production line and stone production line equipment, has a good performance and reliability, but also has structural design.

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