The use of hammer crusher, if the device suddenly fails in operation, we can stop the job, and then find the root of the problem.

The choice of material is crucial. In the choice of materials, pay attention to the hardness of the material. Harder materials more difficult to break up, but the more serious wear and tear on equipment. Slow break, broken small natural ability.

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Water is the key material containing water, a large material that easily adheres to the crusher content, but also easy to plug the next delivery process, resulting in crushing capacity is reduced. Therefore, before crushing, we should try to find ways to reduce the water content, in order to better jobs, in a hammer crusher.

Finer grinding grinding fineness requirements, which need to break through the material after the material, the smaller crushing capacity.

Composition of broken material, the shredded material contains more powder impact crusher before, because these fine smooth production persist. For more fines content should be a sieve in advance.

Viscosity of the material viscosity of the material, the more likely adhesion.