Unique exciter design, exciting force greater regulation and simpler

The eccentric vibrator exciter, YKN circular vibration sieve used outside the block eccentric structure exciter exciting force. At the same time, the design can also easily achieve the vibration sieve amplitude, frequency of the necessary adjustments to meet different needs.

More perfect transmission design, equipment operation is more stable

In the actual use of the process, we found that the traditional vibration screen start and stop process has a very strong body vibration, greatly affected the motor and belt life. Therefore, in the design of YKN series circular vibrating screen, we adopt advanced V-belt tie-in and flexible connection technology, so that the torque transmission has no axial force transmission, thus making the screen machine run more stable.

Finite element analysis technology and advanced processing technology to ensure the structural strength of equipment

YKN circular vibrating screen design, we use the finite element analysis technology to optimize the calculation of the sieve box is the sieve box as a whole and the side plate force situation is more reasonable; the same time, in the sieve box side panel processing, we use large-scale machine tools Direct bending treatment, effectively avoid cracking caused by welding risk.