In recent years, with the continuous development of the continuous development of economy and technology, produced a great impact on the development of mill equipment in our country in foreign markets, attract many foreign customers here, especially the mill production technology of high quality, mill, improve the production process, so that every customer to understand the strong function of ultrafine mill equipment, performance and product has many advantages, but also for the interests of customers are fully considered, bring production technology and complete production.

The production process of superfine grinding equipment calcite production work has a very good development, calcite superfine grinding machine production process and has high output performance: calcite carbonate minerals, natural calcium carbonate is common, calcite used for chemical, cement and other industrial raw materials. Calcite in the construction industry for the production of cement, lime metallurgical industry, used in plastics, paper, toothpaste, food additives. Glass production of calcite to add ingredients, the resulting glass into a semi transparent, especially suitable for the manufacture of glass shade.

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Calcite powder to meet the diverse needs of customers, because the side wear of superfine powder production process from raw materials to equipment has strict procedures, the first is the material hardness, humidity, entrance strictly, which makes the follow-up work more smoothly and efficiently, the proceeds will be huge, so we can meet the needs of production. A large size range of materials, the requirements of customers regardless of size can be done, finally is also environmentally friendly energy, application of superfine grinding machine equipped with the pulse dust remover, which not only protect environment, but also reduce the operator's personal injury, to avoid inhalation of dust.

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