Jaw crusher is its high reduction ratio and stabilization of finely crushing plant can produce quarry and aggregate crushing plant. As the temperature rises in the summer, there are more and more customers ask about recommendations to keep the jaw crusher and performance. How to maintain the performance of the jaw crusher and the high temperatures in the summer? SBM regulations to carry out crushing equipment jaw crusher, the main effect of high temperature lies in jaw crusher bearings, some useful recommendations made by the following aspects.

First, we should pay attention to jaw crusher bearing temperature, and keep it in good lubrication conditions. In addition, the jaw crusher operators to ensure that no noise when the jaw crusher aggregate crushing plant work shaken. In the power of the second friction and jaw crusher transfer heat energy consumption of all the need for good quality appropriate jaw crusher wear parts for oil. Third, we should concentrate on wearing a jaw crusher jaw condition, so that we can get in the summer heat of the jaw crusher more profits.

As to what mentioned above, the jaw crusher machines get more and more important in the construction and mining industry. Jaw crusher is mainly refers to the technical characteristics of crushing even granularity, wide feed size, easy to operate. If you are interested in working parameters of jaw crusher or jaw crusher price, please send us your detailed requirements, our official e-mail address, or feel free to contact our online service.

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