Material: limestone

Feeding size: 500-600mm

Discharge granularity: seven different particle size requirements

Production: about 150t / h

Stone crushing processing

1. First of all, the bulk materials are truck or excavator to the GZD1100 * 4200 vibrating feeder, and then by the vibration feeder evenly into the PE750 * 1060 jaw crusher crushing chamber. As PE750 * 1060 jaw crusher crusher chamber feed size can be achieved 630mm, so the particle size of 500-600mm material can use it for the first break. Material broken by PE750 * 1060 jaw crusher, the particle size becomes 80-140mm. The first step crushing is completed.

2. In order to meet the requirements of seven different grades, we must re-crush the material which has been processed by PE750 * 1060 jaw crusher. At the same time, taking into account the hardness of broken materials, we are ready to select the impact crusher as a secondary crushing equipment. As the impact crusher in the hard material in the crushing of large capacity, high output, product granularity standardization and other advantages, it is widely used in the customer. As this is a 150t / h production line, we plan to select the PE1315 impact crusher as the secondary crushing equipment. PE1315 impact crusher feed size can reach 200mm, so it can have broken jaw crusher processed materials.

3. After the first crusher jaw crusher and impact crusher after the second crushing, the material particle size has basically reached the customer's requirements, and now need to be based on their size of the material classification. What we need is a vibrating sieve which can be divided into different grades according to the granularity of the aggregate, the multi-level, stable and reliable structure, high screening efficiency can meet this requirement. For 150t / h production, we recommend models for the 3YK2160 shaker and 3YK1548 shaker.

4. Impact Crusher The processed material will be sent to the 3YK2160 vibrating screen by the belt conveyor. Shaker screening, and then the other four different size materials are screened out. The whole stone crushing and screening production line is completed.

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Stone crushing screening production line customer feedback

Our customers are very satisfied with this well-designed, efficient and economical crushing and screening line. The customer of this production line of technical indicators and high economic efficiency have done a good assessment.

Stone crushing and screening equipment production line inquiry

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