Mining and ore industry in constant development, past simple, rough and poor working environment more and more from the customer's favorite, which makes customers crusher equipment performance requirements higher. Considering the strict requirements of the crusher equipment, professional crusher manufacturer SBM constant innovation, optimize product structure, to better adapt to the harsh working environment, and to work more effectively in accordance with the structural characteristics of the crusher.

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Stone crusher stone often high manganese steel parts, high manganese steel hardness is 180-220HBW, which is characterized by a large pressing force or impact loads, will have its work surface hardening and will get a good wear resistance. When pulverized coal resources, coal because of the hardness is relatively low, the performance of high manganese steel work hardening will not be played. For this reason, it will be easy to wear, like other low hardness material, such low-life hammer, thereby reducing the operating rate of the equipment, improve the labor intensity of the work.

Stone crusher machine is a high-speed rotation and the impact of the crushed material, when designing such a machine, it is necessary to maintain a static balance, dynamic balance of the rotor so that the stone crusher equipment is working properly. SBM professional products and services to lead the speed and stability of mining machinery industry. In the development process, the company adhere to international strategy, and constantly enhance the international market, according to market demand and efforts to expand the product itself the current situation.

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