To meet the vibrating loading working requirement, our K series portable crusher plant’s machine body steel will be improved to Q345B from Q235A. The new material body has higher strength, and it has better adaptation for cold area or low temperature environment. 

The new generation K series portable crusher plant adopts the entirety streamlined ship-shaped patent frame design and it is the perfect combination between mechanics and aesthetic. The original design idea of this machine is to produce one machine body with 10 kinds of models. To reach the durable solid effect, our portable machine body material is improved from the Q235A to Q345B. 


Yield strength contrast:

The yield strength contrast of Q235A is larger than 235MPa and the Q345B steel is larger than 345MPa. The latter one has the larger yield strength contrast than the former one. This kind of material will have better comprehensive performance. 

Tensile strength contrast:

After the tensile strength contrast testing, Q345B steel will be suitable for the 450-630MPa tensile and the Q235A steel is just suitable for 370-500MPa tensile. 

Alloy content:

From the steel material, both of them are belong to the carbon steel. But the Q345B steel belongs to the alloy steel and the Q235A steel is belong to the ordinary steel. Here we can find that the Q345B steel machine body has solid characteristics. 

Performance application:

Q235A machine body is suitable to make metal structural and the not high demand strength of carburized or cyanide parts. It is more suitable for making rod, connecting rod, hook, coupler, bolt and nut, sleeve, shaft, and welding parts, etc.  Q345B steel has good comprehensive mechanical property. It will have better plasticity and welding of the K series portable crusher plant machine body. Just from the raw material, it is more suitable for making vehicles, cranes, mining machinery, bridge structure under dynamic load, and can be used to minus 40 ° cold area of various structures.