Noise pollution is one of the three pollution, is the focus of environmental remediation, industrial machinery operations generated a significant source of noise when noise pollution. Job reasons given mechanical performance at work will produce some noise, such as noise and other large mining machinery crusher when the result of the work efficiency of the staff have a very big impact, as well as cause some health hazards. How to solve the noise problem of production is very important, very urgent, SBM as a professional mining machinery manufacturer in the sand for everyone here to solve the problem of noise pollution Sand production.

Sand is a new Sand can be of various ores, rock crushing, coarse grinding operations, especially for crushing silicon carbide and other special hard and corrosion-resistant material that is more advantageous than other types of crushers.

1. Serious wear and tear, noise prone large part should be replaced.

2.Take muffler, sound absorption, sound insulation, vibration isolation, vibration and other measures, sand making equipment in operation.

3.Personnel fieldwork personal protection work, for example: you can wear soundproof headphones and other protection, but also can be shift workers workers in noisy reducing working hours.

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