Thousands of SBM PF series mining equipment for gold are installed all over the world in recent 20 years.It has been proved that this series of mining equipment for gold not only effectively increase productivity and final product quality,but also greatly reduce the investment costs and operation costs.Unmatched excellent performance is shown in the secondary crushing,tertiary crushing and material recovery.

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SBM PF series mining equipment

Working principle

The mining equipment for gold consists of an encased rotor carrying swing hammers,whizzer classifier for fineness regulation,and Blower Fan mounted on a solid shaft.Raw material to be pulverised enters the crushing chamber through the hopper and automatic rotary feeder.The impact of the hammer on the feed material against the Liner plates reduces it into fine powder.The ground material is carried towards the whizzer classifier for classification and the over size particles are rejected by the classifier and returns to the crushing chamber for further grinding.The classified material is then conveyed into the cyclone for collection and bagging.A dust collector is provided in the system for ensuring dust Free operation and no loss of ground powder.

small scale mining equipment for gold features:

(1)Extra large pratical rotor

(2)Durable hammer

(3)Big feeding opening

(4)Cubical shape of final product

(5)Easy maintenance

(6)Reliable performance

(7)Famous brand bearing(Timken)