According to SBM VSI5X design and development engineer, and compared to traditional sand making crusher, SBM VSI5X Sand has the following significant advantages:

1. Optimize the design, reduce production costs

Combined butt head design, simply replace the worn part of the butt ends, can reduce the cost of more than 30%; peripheral guard after partial wear can turn around and use the up and down, improve material utilization above 48%; diamond-shaped impact block, avoid material damage after impact wear vertical plate.

2. Greater pass rate, the greater the yield

After using deep cavity-type rotor optimized design after the material throughput increased by about 30%; optimal transmission port and internal smoother curved design, reduce material flow resistance, significantly improved throughput capacity, increase machine capacity.

3. Easy to operate, safe and reliable

Dual-use bulk material plate, easy to operate, implement two feeding methods - Full central feeding and central feeding along the annular feed fall waterfall - Fast conversion; product selection F grade insulation, IP54 / 55 protection grade high efficiency low-noise high degree of protection motor.

4. Special sealing, easy maintenance

The lower end of the spindle special sealing structure to ensure that no seal is not leaking, reduce fuel consumption; accessories imported from Japan hydraulic openings device can be convenient and efficient mobile cover, so that when the body's internal repair replacement parts save saving labor.

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