Crusher equipment in the use of a period of time, in order to ensure stable operation, must also be its periodic maintenance and repair, but the impact of crushing equipment life of many factors, such as broken ore strength, crusher equipment Load, etc., to extend the life of the seven criteria:

1. Before starting, check the lubrication system, the broken cone area, adjust the tightness of the belt, and tighten all the screws.

2. Moving cones under the Ministry of retaining ring part of the ring wear more than 1/2 ring should be welded steel plate.

3. Normal parking, you should first stop to the mine until the ore in the crusher all excluded, in order to stop the main motor running. Finally, stop the pump motor. After parking to a comprehensive inspection of various parts of the crusher, found that the problem should be dealt with in a timely manner.

4. Body more than 4mm spherical wear, or the lower end of the body cone and liner contact wear more than 4mm, the body should be replaced.

5. First start the oil pump motor 5-10 minutes after, check the lubrication system work, when its normal work before starting the main motor.

6. In the cone crusher cone maintenance, crusher spindle and the sleeve at the contact wear more than 3mm or crack should be replaced when the spindle.

7. Crusher empty load operation 1-2 minutes before they can begin to mine. As the cyclone crusher is packed to the mine, so pay attention to the ore situation is normal, especially in muddy, high water, ore, to prevent ore blockage to the mine mouth. Also pay attention to check the operation of the row of mine, do not allow the sealing device in the space below the accumulation of ore.

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