For different raw mineral ore processing, which one is suitable? Screening before crushing? Or screening after crushing? It is very difficult for clients to choose the right one. Is there a machine realizing these two kinds of production methods and can be changed with each? K series portable independent combined plant is the only one can meet client’s production requirements. 

The portable independent combined plant can realize the flexible change between screening before crushing and screening after crushing. It can help clients save investment costs and improve clients’ production flexibility. High performance preliminary screening work will help customer realize accurate sizing. 


When the client’s working site is with large numbers of medium or small size raw mineral ore materials (do not need coarse crushing process), K series portable independent combined plant will be directly having the screening works. This portable crusher plant is equipped with the grind hopper which combines screening and stocking into one unit. It can help customers save the processing space. When clients need to realize these two kinds of ways, it just needs to move the grind hopper and it will not increase any equipment and costs. 

This portable crusher plant’s frame can be used as carrying platform. The main working machine can be upgraded. It just needs to order our company’s main working machine and the related spare parts to realize the upgrade. And then, it will expand the production line scale. In short time, it can realize different crushing unit to change in one working body. Each system will cooperate with each other perfectly and it can maximum reflects the clients’ value and comprehensive crushing functions.