Quickly put into production more peace of mind, mobile environmental protection more money

Compared with the fixed production line, K-series mobile stations have short construction period and quick follow-up, which not only reduces the investors' investment risk and opportunity cost, but also avoids the construction and dismantling after the completion of the project. In addition, Of the depreciation of ability to enable investors to quickly put into operation new projects, or discount sales, lower investment costs.

Universal body structure, easy expansion and upgrading, saving re-investment costs

SBM K series mobile crushing station is the first to use the concept of modularization of the whole vehicle. The generalized structure can realize the direct exchange of the host machine without replacing the body and meet the requirements of crushing and screening at different stages. When the user needs to expand the production capacity, Can complete the equipment upgrades, saving body re-investment costs. At the same time, the design can also help solve the problem of road transport in remote areas, reducing the cost of road construction.

Hydraulic centralized control, so that operation and maintenance easier

All actions are controlled by the intensive hydraulic system, the operator can quickly and easily set the machine operation; At the same time, taking into account the extensive use of hydraulic control devices, maintenance and repair of the machine have certain requirements, we take centralized lubrication, Can be completed directly in the road maintenance operations. Therefore, both the operation or maintenance management, will greatly save manpower costs.

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K series tires mobile crushing station