In the quarry around the world, SBM VSI5X Sand making machine in excellent grain type, cost, durability and other aspects have maintained an excellent record, known as fine grain products producers.

In the material crushing process, users want to be able to reduce operating costs, while access to qualified products. In addition to reducing equipment downtime, improve equipment service life of wearing parts, the increase in equipment capacity is crucial. SBM VSI5X Sand deep cavity-type rotor precisely in order to improve productivity, while reducing wear and tear of wearing parts especially developed.

As can be seen from many customers around the world use, deep cavity-type rotor so that the material can be used VSI5X Sand making machine capacity increased by 30%, greatly improving product yield. Deep cavity rotor due to the increased application of fixed installation and equipment service life of wearing parts, wearing parts is optimized, thereby reducing equipment downtime, improve equipment operating rate, lower maintenance costs and use, in order to bring more large economic benefits.

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