Semi-automatic insurance design, reduce the risk of overload and downtime maintenance time

PF series impact crusher in the rear frame is equipped with a self-weight safety device. When non-broken materials (such as iron) into the crushing chamber, before and after the impact crusher frame back, non-broken matter from the machine discharge; in the crusher to resume work, crusher with self-weight crusher automatically back to Its normal working position, thus avoiding the risk of equipment overload and downtime maintenance losses.

Top mechanical adjustment device design, easy to achieve the expected size adjustment

For different users in different stages of market demand differences, we set up in the PF impact crusher top of the mechanical adjustment device, the user can twist the device bolts to adjust the impact crusher frame and rotor spacing, and then realize the size of the material adjustment .

The use of ratchet clamshell device, replacement parts and other maintenance operations more efficient

PF series impact crusher on both sides of the rack are equipped with the same two sets of ratchet clamshell device, the device from the high-intensity left and right trapezoidal screw and ratcheting commutation mechanism. When the impact crusher need to stop replacement parts and other maintenance and repair operations, the user can easily and smoothly through the device to open and close the back cover of the impact crusher for maintenance operations.


PF series impact crusher