Spindle failure is one reason why cone crusher accident. If this happens, you should replace or repair the spindle, because it requires a lot of money to replace a new one, so it is best to fix it. Here, we focus on how to fix the spindle cone crusher:

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Spindle Repair step

1.The spindle vertical upright, with appropriate projects, the establishment of a platform, and positioning of the welding operation sieve fixing screw head.

2. Using oxyacetylene welding frame will be heated to preheat until it becomes dark red, then start welding.

3. Formal 4mm 3.2mm welding electrode, electrodes, welding divided into two groups of two welders welding symmetry required to maintain the temperature, intermediate non-stop.

4. When welding in diameter 200mm, positioning sleeve hinder welders stretch, made a pressing tool to quickly.

5. All welding, welding areas with asbestos rope wrapped insulation, while the axis of the cone of a hoop, hoop charcoal poured inside, oxyacetylene welding flame combustion heating delisting pressure.

The main technical requirements should be repaired:

In the selection of welding materials, follow the principle of strength and toughness, not less than the minimum exponent value of the base material. Taking into account the parent material, based on the sensitivity of hydrogen, including the proximity of the plastic electrode tensile strength and toughness.

Before welding, threaded shaft centerline and the former head of the center line should be consistent. Allowed deflection, shaft welding using both tensile stress and pulsating cyclic torsional stress while using U-groove better.

Welding, strict control of electrode preheating the drying process necessary measures to hydrogen diffusion thermal after treatment decreasing trend in welded joints creaking.

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