Jaw crusher by the moving jaw and jaw jaw composed of two jaw crusher cavity, the simulation of animal jaw movement and the completion of the crushing operation of the material crusher. Widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, roads, railways, water conservancy and chemical industries in a variety of ore and large pieces of medium-sized particle size.

When the jaw crusher to use one to two years later, there may be related problems, the mineral processing industry equipment generally one year warranty, so when more than a year when problems arise, the user may be helpless, here we will teach you how to Do it yourself to modify the jaw crusher frame.

Jaw crusher frame, if the combination of rack, mostly profiles or steel castings welding combination. Small crusher frame is cast iron material. After years of use of the rack, there will be local cracks or deformation, a variety of holes can be connected through the hole grinding or grinding bias.


Repair of crack in jaw crusher frame

Cracks occurred in the rack concentrated areas of miscellaneous stress, or the original rack by the casting defect site. Frame cracks can be used welding repair method can also be used to modify the metal buckle method.

Repair of Bolt Hole and Through Hole Wear of Jaw Crusher

Because the crusher work when the vibration is very large, long-term work fretting wear, the screw slider, screw hole grinding, through-hole wear, such as anchor bolt hole, bearing screw hole, spring rod rack support hole . After these holes wear, in addition to welding repair, the bolt through-hole can be increased or increase the diameter of the screw plate replacement bolts.

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