As everyone knows, in recent years, with the rapid development of the construction industry and the mining industry, the market demand for gravel and gravel field equipment is increasing, and the quality of equipment and crusher crushing capacity continues to improve, the quality cost and the gravel gravel machine equipment equipment are closely related, and crusher equipment spare parts and wearing parts such as machine broken jaw type cost also plays a part, how to reduce the jaw crusher production cost of equipment?

In order to reduce the jaw crusher spare parts cost, when we vigorously develop and improve the jaw crusher equipment, first of all, we choose the jaw plate and the side plate better wear resistance and hardness of the new material, thus the jaw crusher prolongs the service life of. On the other hand, we used crusher crushing process reasonable in gravel plant, three optimization stage, jaw crusher is the primary crusher, the two crushing stage is the crushing process of VSI cone crusher, sand making machine, the application of different equipment in different stages, reduce the abrasion of wearing parts.

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First of all, we must pay attention to check the degree of wear of jaw crusher, when we start or stop the jaw crusher, inspection and maintenance of jaw crusher wearing parts, the timely replacement of worn parts. Secondly, the allocation of fixed staff for the lubrication of the crusher, jaw crusher need regular lubrication lubrication equipment in machine parts, can effectively prolong the service life of the jaw crusher. According to different seasons, geographical location and other conditions of the selection of suitable oil, grease replacement.

In the equipment, we are in the process of special design of jaw crusher, also widely used in the production of sand and stone, jaw crusher in the mining and construction industry plays an increasingly important role. We are doing our best to reduce business investment, enhance production capacity.

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