Crushing and screening stage, concentrator main stage production of dust. Dust mainly in crushing, screening and conveying processes. Dust generated by diffusion and air flow will not only pollute the environment, but also may harm the health of operators.

Therefore, in order to protect the environment, create better working conditions for the operator, we need to reduce or eliminate dust generation. In this article, we focused on reducing dust in the crushing and screening stages of the production solutions Concentrator.

Reducing dust generated solutions

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Dust sealed source

Ventilation and dust removal closed source is the premise. Airtight airflow directly affects the effective utilization and power consumption. Now, the point is generally crushing and screening sealed surface shaker screen, belt conveyor and other local raw materials fell in the actual production process, the operator should be fully aware of the characteristics in order to ensure the efficiency of the sealing device.

Optimize dust removal system

Currently, most of the dust collection systems are a central dust removal system. We recommend that manufacturers reduce the size, and the use of distributed dust removal system. Good dust enclosed power supply, ventilation can be combined with dust and wet dust.

Wet dust: wet dust simple and economical. It can reduce or even eliminate dust humidifier raw material production and collection of dust produced. But for such a dust manner, the operator should pay particular attention to the amount of water. If the raw material contains too much moisture, it will affect the crushing and screening efficiency. If the amount of water is too small, it will affect the collection efficiency.

Mechanical ventilation and dust: In order to balance the amount of air in the system, to ensure that the collection efficiency, we generally set 2-6 ventilation points.

Adopt dust collector

Dust is one of the key components in the dust collection system. It makes dust dust production source, the separated dust. Quality vacuum cleaner directly affects the environmental health work environment. In addition, if the filter is inefficient, which would result in serious damage to the impeller of the blower. Therefore, to reduce dust generation, we need to adopt efficient dust collector.

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