In order to reduce the cost of stone production line, in fact is to reduce the production cost of processing equipment, including crushing machine, conveying equipment, screening equipment, drying equipment, in order to reduce the cost of these devices, we should do several aspects:

250 tph river stone sand crushing line in Philippines.jpg

Reasonable collocation of stone production line. For example, we should choose the right crusher when crushing the rock. For hard stone, we will first make the jaw crusher, then choose the crusher for crushing the other; crushing, small particles, low emission requirements of the stone, we can choose the hammer crusher; on the yield and grain size of high demand, we can choose the type of impact crusher are broken the big stone; the hardness, but did not have any requirements for the product, we can choose the cone crusher for crushing, etc.. According to the different requirements of customers, we can choose different crusher equipment, and then with a reasonable transport, screening equipment combined, very good to reduce the cost of equipment.

Reasonable production site layout. For different broken site, we must carry out a detailed planning, only in this way, we can make the equipment with more reasonable. In the step part, for example, we can reduce the configuration of transportation equipment according to the terrain, make the material deliver the following surface characteristics; on the ground, we should make the high and low voltage switchgear.

Must improve mineral processing equipment. The quality of mineral processing equipment will directly affect the cost of the whole production line. So it is necessary to improve the quality and performance of the equipment. Only good quality equipment, can be used for a long time, you can save investment, these are ways to reduce the cost of investment. Therefore, the improvement of equipment is an important method to reduce the cost.