In recent years, has been more and more widely used in artificial aggregate processing, artificial sand industry continues to boom, reduce natural sand resources, the state for the protection of the environment, the limitation of natural sand mining; secondly, the artificial sand production line of sand sand is more than natural advantages, in the application of concrete construction the advantage is more obvious; thirdly, the artificial sand technology matures, the artificial sand production line can meet the requirement of the construction of the scale of the rapid, artificial sand industry has a very good prospects for development.

Artificial sand production line as a common sand production equipment, automatic control production, and its production scale can be very easy to control the configuration, to achieve economic production. The building, road construction needs a large amount of sand, but they are not the same for gravel quality requirements, the main difference between artificial and natural sand is bad and the appearance of rough shape, rough appearance and bad shape may be due to the concrete pouring of the mobility, which will lead to the adverse effect of void into the concrete, and direct impact on the quality of the project. With the continuous improvement of the manufacturing technology of the sand making machine, the development of artificial sand, which is the reason for the rapid development of the production line.

250 tph river stone sand crushing line in Philippines.jpg

In the production process of artificial sand production line, a simple sand screening process, adjusting the level and fineness modulus of sand in the regulation of processing continuously, various combinations of treatment can not only ensure the scale of production, but also ensure the quality of sand. Production equipment with high degree of automation, crushing ratio, high production efficiency, large processing capacity, no crack product production, high compressive strength, the service life is prolonged, etc..

Artificial sand production line consists of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, belt conveyor and sand washing machine etc.. The artificial sand production line can be designed and configured, with different crusher for different grain size production, the flexible circulating production process ensures the efficient operation of the system.

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