Hammer crusher is the most critical part of the hammer, hammer is the most vulnerable to wear and tear damage to the place, choose a good hammer suitable for hammer crusher long-term use has a very important significance, hammer crusher experts With everyone to study the hammer crusher hammer material.


1. Hammer crusher Manganese steel hammer: its wear resistance is not enough, very short service life. Crushed limestone hammer can generally use 60-90d, in some special conditions, the use of less than 7d. At the same time as the hammer in the work of the impact is not large, so that the high-manganese steel hammer processing sclerosis effect is not significant, and its poor anti-erosion wear and tear.

As Cr can improve the hardness of steel, strength and wear resistance of the role, so in the high manganese steel added Cr elements, can greatly enhance the hammer. In the broken iron ore, the hammer's life than ordinary high manganese steel increased by 50%.

2. Hammer crusher compound hammer: the traditional high manganese steel hammer wear resistance is poor, short life, large amount of supplies. To this end, the hammer crusher hammer designed to hammer handle and hammer were manufactured. Hammer handle part of the high manganese steel or carbon steel, it has sufficient strength and toughness, hammer part of the high-chromium cast iron.

High-chrome cast iron is a material with excellent wear resistance, so the hammer will have sufficient wear resistance, and because of high chromium cast iron toughness is low, prone to brittle fracture, so hammer handle selection of high toughness of high manganese steel Or carbon steel material, to overcome the shortcomings of a single material. Practice shows that in the cement industry crushing cement clinker, its service life than the high manganese steel hammer to improve more than 2 times.

In addition, can also be used to cast white iron hammer head, the test proved that the broken Mohs hardness of 6.5 albite, the service life can be stable to high manganese steel hammer 3 times, from the above analysis, More than two kinds of hammer crusher hammer to meet the performance requirements.

3. Hammer crusher low-alloy steel hammer: compound hammer, although has a high service life, but its casting and heat treatment process complexity. To this end, in recent years developed a variety of low-alloy steel hammer.

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