Manganese is widely distributed in nature, and almost all kinds of minerals and silicate rocks contain manganese. Is one of the most common manganese oxide anhydrous and hydrous manganese and manganese carbonate, manganese minerals known has 150, but containing manganese is the highest accumulation of manganese minerals of economic value but in 5-6, one of the most important, the economic value of pyrolusite and manganese hard, in addition to manganite, braunite, hausmannite, Rhodochrosite,. The content of manganese in these minerals is about 50 ~ 70%, which is an important industrial mineral of manganese.

The production process of manganese ore processing mainly includes: crushing, grinding, ore dressing process three. Crushing process, three closed crushing circuit is the most modern suitable for high hardness manganese ore crushing, ore crushing and partial dissociation of industry and trade as, so as to improve the subsequent grinding efficiency; in the grinding process, a closed grinding is efficient grinding technology can make the manganese ore grinding more adequately; beneficiation process, in recent years with the advent of more successful new technology with representative: "stage grinding, weak magnetic - reverse flotation process", "the beneficiation process", "super fine crushing wet magnetic separation throw back end process"

The first stage: crushing and screening

Chunks of manganese ore silo by vibrating feeder evenly sent to jaw crusher station (in the early break) of coarse crushing machine or mobile jaw crushing. Coarse crushed manganese ore vibrating sieve through the, by belt conveyor sent to the single cylinder hydraulic cone type crusher (broken) were broken. After crushing the manganese ore material into multi cylinder hydraulic cone crusher for crushing.

The second stage: Milling

Will be through the vibration sieve screening 0-12mm Mn powder of uniform air ball mill grinding, and by the screening of spiral classifier, does not conform to the request was sent to the afferent mill to mill.

The third stage: magnetic separation

Will meet the requirements of the processing of manganese powder into the magnetic separation machine for strong magnetic separation, magnetic separation to remove debris;

The fourth stage: drying

The manganese powder obtained is fed into the drying drying machine can get manganese powder.