XSD series sand washing machine is SBM adopts international advanced technology, combined with the actual situation of sand and gravel industry development and production of sand with the use of efficient sand washing equipment.

Processing capacity, low production costs

Single machine production up to 180 t/h, the basic to meet the needs of our customers washing sand; machine less investment, low power, low power consumption, effective production cost savings.

Multi-function, clean and high

When the impeller is driven, sand and gravel grind each other to remove the impurities covering the surface of the sand and gravel, and destroy the water vapor layer of the coated sand, and finish the cleaning in the strong water current. At the same time, the machine can be used for cleaning, dewatering and grading. Impurity removal function.

Simple structure, low failure rate

The sand washing machine is simple in structure and reasonable in structure. Impeller transmission bearing device is isolated from water and water-receiving material. The novel seal structure and fully enclosed oil bath transmission device avoid the bearing damage caused by flooding, sand and pollutants. occur.

Long service life, no pollution

Good structural layout, effective sealing design, so that the machine can not long-term maintenance, durability; low water consumption, work noise, in line with environmental standards.


XSD series sand washing machine