In the actual production, in order to extend the life of the vibrating screen, improve equipment production efficiency, we operate the vibrating screen to note the following:

1. Ensure the minimum clearance between all moving parts and fixtures.

2. Before starting the machine, the operator should check the oil level on both sides of the vibrating screen at the same time. If the oil level is too high, the temperature of the exciter will rise or the operation will be difficult. The oil level will be too low to cause premature bearing damage.

3. Check the tightness of all bolts and re-tighten after eight hours of initial work. And check the tension of the V-belt to avoid skidding during start-up or operation and to ensure the alignment of the V-belt pulley.

4. The sieve should be started without load, until the screen is running smoothly before they can start feeding, stop the machine should be stopped before the material to be screen surface of the net drain and then shut down.

5. Feeding chute should be as close as possible to the feeding end, and as far as possible along the full width of the screen uniform distribution of materials, the direction of the material with the screen surface running in line with the feeding point to the screen surface of the largest drop of not more than 500mm, Get the best screening effect.

6. When the shaker rotates in the direction of material flow, it can increase the material running speed, increase the production capacity, but reduce the screening efficiency. When the shaker reverses the direction of the material flow, it can reduce the material running speed and reduce the production capacity. Screening efficiency.

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