1. Preparation before starting:

Clear the ball around the hinder the operation of debris, check the safety facilities are complete; check the grinding and dangerous place whether someone; will be firmly fixed into the hole cover; check the body liner bolts, grinding head and cylinder coupling bolt The main bearing should be connected to the cooling water, before driving should check whether the flow of water in the pipe is smooth, the oil level of the oil level should be the same; ; The first test run or long-term stop grinding, before the start of the hollow neck to be poured a little oil, and artificial grinding a week to determine the non-conflict and the card to touch the phenomenon after the start with the motor; before starting the ball mill, But also to get in touch with the relevant jobs, when allowed to start the answer signal, in order to start the ball mill.

2. Start the order:

Start the material conveying equipment (water pipe); start the main bearing cooling water cooling system; open the ball mill; start the ball mill feeding device.

3. Parking sequence:

To stop the mill to add real feeding equipment; in order to make the ball mill in the cold shrink the main bearing pad will not be hollow shaft abrasions, the ball mill to be continued for half an hour before parking; close the main bearing cooling water system; closed out conveying system .

4. Note:

To stop grinding, the ball mill every 5-10 minutes after the rotation of half a circle, until the ball mill is fully cooled so far; in the end of the mill to fully cool; in the grinding mill to be fully cooled, When the winter grinding, we must pay attention to the bearing wall tile inside the cooling water row net.

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