Coal-fired power plant desulfurization method has produced periods according to the desulfurization process can be divided into pre-combustion, combustion and three categories of combustion. Called pre-combustion coal desulfurization mainly coal cleaning, chemical coal desulfurization and conversion, etc; combustion furnace desulfurization mainly called circulating fluidized bed furnace with burning and desulfurization; desulfurization, also known as post-combustion flue gas desulfurization, according to temperature desulfurization medium can be subdivided into wet, dry and semi-dry. Mainstream desulfurization method used for the thermal power plant flue gas desulphurization.


FGD control points dry and wet two kinds. The current use of the world's most widely used method is to wet desulfurization desulfurization, desulfurization more than about 80% of the total. Commonly used wet desulfurization methods, depending on their choice of different absorbers, can be divided into limestone - gypsum, sodium alkali, dual alkali, magnesium oxide, ammonia and so on. In the wet desulfurization, limestone - gypsum method because of its wide source of raw materials and low cost, mature technology and high economy, the most widely used, high magnesium based desulfurization (magnesium oxide) desulfurization efficiency, low input costs.

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