Different models of portable crusher plants vary in their advantages. The key competitive advantage of portable plant fine crushing and washing plant lies on the high quality mixed materials in the process of fine crushing and washing. This portable plant, preferred in building sand, road building sand and fine crushing and washing, is equipped with spiral washer, which can satisfy different customers’ washing operation on various material particle sizes of mixed materials.

Portable fine crushing and washing plant contains 8 models of the same body, which can be divided into portable VSI crusher sand washing plant and portable cone crusher sand washing plant on the basis of the difference of the main crusher. This machine is used in the process of crushing, washing, screening, cleaning and other operations on metallurgy, building materials, hydroelectricity and other industry, also in the washing operation of fine-grained and coarse-grained materials.


Client A: high performance and high crushing ability portable plant

We need the machines which can produce a lot of sandstones in short time. Therefore, we adopt the portable plant. In unit time, the largest processing will be 310tph. It is equipped with high performance, large crushing ratio and strong crushing force impact crusher machine. 

Client B: it can be used as single machine or used with other equipment to form the group

Because we have a portable coarse jaw crusher plant, and we need to order a new fine crushing production line to produce the road building used sandstones which meet national standards. When the raw material size does not need have coarse crushing, K series portable fine crushing washing plant can meet sandstone fine crushing production and washing requirements. When the raw material is too large, this machine can be with the portable coarse crushing plant to form the production line. It will process the large size raw materials to meet the national production standard. 

Client C: flexible to change the main working machine, save money and save manpower

Depending on the mining site raw materials characteristics, we need at least two kinds of portable crusher plant machines: portable cone crusher plant + portable impact crusher plant. K series portable fine crushing washing plant totally is beyond our image to meet the requirements to the machine. The main machine can be changed flexible depending on our processing raw materials characteristics. It just needs to buy a single machine to realize two crushing effects. It not only meets our production needs but also save the investment costs.