As the new type portable crusher plant machine, K series portable crusher plant has the most complete type in the history till now. It has 72 kinds of models for clients to choose. It can totally meet clients’ production needs for different size: coarse crushing, medium crushing, fine crushing and ultrafine crushing. High quality and high performance products almost include mineral ore, construction industry. 


7 modules:

The traditional crusher machine can only meet client’s single production need. When the clients need to process different materials, it needs to order the new machine to meet the production requirements. It not only increases clients’ production costs, but also brings huge economic pressure for clients. K series portable crusher plant has 7 modules: coarse crushing, medium crushing screening, independent working, fine crushing screening, fine crushing washing, three combinations and four combinations and so on. They will meet different client’s production requirements. 

72 kinds of models:

This portable crusher plant has 7 modules and 72 kinds of models. One kind of machine body can be with ten kinds of different machine types to meet clients’ production requirements. Each module can be realized different production requirements through changing the main machine system. The feeding part can be changed with each other and so is the crusher machine. It just needs to invest the single machine. In short time, it can realize one machine body with different types of feeding and crusher machine. Each system can realize perfectly match to ensure the machine can be better suitable for different production requirements. It will guarantee the client’s maximum interests.