For its integrative structure and flexible portable characteristics, the K series portable crusher plant is welcomed in mineral ore crushing plant. Recent years, it has become the first choice for mineral ore processing, artificial sand processing lines. So, when the new portable crusher plant is going to be used, with less operation experience, how could we do the right installation operations?  The portable crusher plant experts will show you the specific introduce for this machine’s installation steps. 


First of all, it needs to have professional training for the operating personnel and it must be qualified personnel to do the training work. In this way, we can fully understand show to operate and maintain the machine and to make the machine for installation debugging. 

Secondly, for the new portable crusher plant machine, the workers need to find the good installation area in advance, and the best is the cement floor. In the installation process, it needs to measure whether the host machine and the ground is in the vertical angle. If it does not meet the requirements, you should immediately correct until the vertical. When it is sure, it can be fixed. When it is fixed, it needs to pay attention to the fixed bolt to tighten and prevent loose. 

Finally, after all installation, it needs to take a careful check. In addition to check the foundation bolt solid degree, but also pay attention to check all parts of the bolt reinforcement. In addition, it still should check bearing lubrication situation of wheeled portable crushing plant and confirm add lubricating oil in place. After finishing all these works, you can install the power cord and the corresponding control switch. According to the specific power of the equipment is to select the suitable thickness of the power cord. Preparation is ready and it can be empty commissioning and debugging. If everything is normal, the portable crusher plant can normal be used.