As the new type portable crusher plant machine, K series portable crusher plant and crawler-type portable crusher machine combine the feeding, crushing, transportation and screening into one unit. Both of them have the absolute advantages than other crushing machines in mineral ore crushing, aggregate production lines. But, is there any difference between these two kinds of machines? Which of them can meet clients’ production requirements? 



Our K series portable crusher plant adopts the high performance and large capacity main crushing machines and its largest crushing ability will be 650tph. But the crawler-type portable crusher plant’s largest capacity will be 300tph. 

Application range:

Crawler-type portable crusher plant and K series portable crusher plant can reach the crushing site flexible to meet client’s production needs. The former one can be used to process mineral ore, construction waste, and coal mining and so on. In the transportation process, it is not easy to move in the mountain curve road. K series portable crusher plant has wide application range. No matter the stone crushing, aggregate production, open-cast mining, or stone processing in backwoods, the K series portable crusher plant can reach flexibly and can accomplish the crushing works with high performance. 

Transportation difficulty level:

Dismountable stock bin design makes it easy to transport in the whole process with K series portable crusher plant. It will save transportation space and costs. However, the crawler-type portable crusher plant is a whole working set and it will increase the transportation difficulty level. 

Stock up period:

Compared with the old generation crawler portable crusher plant, the K series portable plant is the new designed one and it needs short stock up period. After client ordering the machine, our salesman will make the abundant production line assemble depending on client’s specific production requirements and we can do deliver the machine quickly and save production time.