Equipped with machine-made sand production line is the world's leading SBM dry sand system --- VU aggregate system, in the original dry sand system on the basis of a comprehensive update and upgrade, using a highly intensive tower-wide It is characterized by high efficiency sand making, granulation optimization, stone powder control, gradation adjustment, water cut control and environmental protection treatment. The production efficiency is obviously improved, and various indexes such as sand type, gradation and powder content are realized. , So that the performance of sand comparable to the performance of natural sand, gravel, cement, concrete industry chain to create new opportunities and value.

High environmental protection

1. Environmental technology: closed transmission, production, and negative pressure dust design, so that the production site without dust. All dry production and screening process, zero sewage, zero silt emissions.

2. Operation of environmental protection: equipped with humidifier (optional), to ensure that finished sand moisture content qualified, difficult to produce dust. Powder storage storage monitoring and automatic retractable nesting design, to ensure that the stone powder transport process without overflow. Dry powder in addition to powder technology to ensure the dry and clean stone powder, easy to handle and comprehensive utilization.

high efficiency

1. Production efficiency: a comprehensive innovation in grinding technology, so that broken sand into a substantial increase of more than 10%. Integrated dry screening technology, so that a substantial increase in screening efficiency, screen area than the traditional process to reduce more than 50%. Single device performance and technology to enhance the convergence of reasonable, so that significantly reduced power consumption, processing capacity increased 5-10%.

2. Efficient operation: The fully integrated tower design, so that a significant reduction in footprint, VU70 system only 7.5m x 24m to complete the host part of the layout. The new anti-wear design and material upgrades, wear parts significantly longer life, downtime downtime significantly reduced. Integrated control system and on-line adjustment design, can adjust the system settings in operation to achieve improved quality and yield of finished sand at the same time, reduce manpower requirements.

high quality

1. Gradation Reasonable: comprehensive wear-breaking effect and flexible screening design, so that the finished product sand grading continuous, adjustable control, 0.15-0.6mm fine sand accounted for a substantial increase in the proportion of 2.36-4.75mm coarse sand decreased, In line with the US standard ASTMC33, Chinese standards JGJ52 II and the Indian standard IS383 two districts and other industry-standard restrictions.

2. Grain rounded: completely original grinding technology and waterfall down integer technology, so that the finished product to a high degree of sand and spherical shape of the main surface, edges and corners to minimize the burr, significantly reducing the surface area and porosity, improve The mobility.

3. Powder control: dry powder addition technology, can make the finished sand powder content (0-0.15 mm) remained stable, and between 3-15% can be regulated. Dry separation of stone powder, dry, clean, easy to unify the recovery and comprehensive utilization.

High income

High-efficiency system design, tons of electricity consumption reduced 5-10%, labor costs by more than 40%, compared with similar products, a one-time investment savings of more than 30%.