Process flow

The raw material of the river pebble enters the PEW760 jaw crusher for coarse breaking, then enters the HST250 single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher for secondary crushing by the belt conveyor, then enters the adjustment silo, enters the VSI5X-1145 impact crusher by the belt machine less than 40MM For sand, finished 0-5 MM boutique sand, the current quality and price is completely comparable to high-quality natural river sand.

Equipment configuration advantages

1. Jaw crusher: moving jaw assembly to high-quality steel castings, heavy-duty eccentric shaft forging processing, the machine has exceptional reliability, more durable, equipped with wedge discharge port adjustment device , Than the old-style gasket adjustment is more simple, safe and fast. The crushing cavity adopts the symmetrical "v" -shaped structure, so that the actual inlet width is consistent with the nominal feed port width.

2. Single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher: the production of high-carrying capacity, low maintenance and operating costs. Fully automatic control of the production process, multi-cavity to adapt to a variety of process needs.

3. Hydraulic centrifugal impact crusher: impact crusher top of the hydraulic lifting device, maintenance. Impact crusher with all-thin oil lubrication station, the equipment does not need to work each class of oil, reduce labor costs. Impact crusher with intelligent touch-screen control display can be observed in real-time work process equipment. The production cost is low, the efficiency is high, the output is big, the machine-made sand quality is high quality, can completely replace the natural river sand, the production line is free to turn into rubble and shaping function according to the need.