Process flow

Limestone into the PE1000 * 1200 jaw crusher for rough break, and then enter the PFW1315III hydraulic impact crusher for two crushing, crusher out of the material directly into the round vibration sieve screening products, less than 1 cm below the tailings into VSI1140 efficient sand making machine for sand, finished 0-5MM machine-made sand.

Equipment configuration advantages

Hydraulic impact crusher: heavy-duty rotor design, crushing ratio is greater, greatly improved yield, unique plate hammer fixtures, making the plate hammer more reliable. The hydraulic pressure control system can adjust the discharge port size and discharge granularity quickly through the hydraulic device. The automatic hydraulic open-top device can quickly replace the wearing parts such as plate hammer, and reduce the downtime and overhaul time.

VSI high-efficiency sand making machine: The processing capacity is large, the product is cubic, the grain shape is good, the gradation is reasonable and the fineness modulus is adjustable, especially suitable for artificial sand and stone shaping. Easy to operate and easy maintenance, equipped with hydraulic opening device, so that broken parts within the repair and replacement of convenient, time-saving.