Process flow

Feldspar material into the PE750 deep chamber jaw crusher for rough break, and then enter the HPT300 multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher for secondary crushing, HPT300 multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher out of the material into the PFW1315III hydraulic impact crusher to break. The production line of high yield, is the local finished product quality and production costs of the lowest feldspar crushing production line.

Equipment configuration advantages

1. HPT300 multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher high speed, the use of laminated crushing principle, large output, low energy consumption, greatly reduce production costs and increase profits. And multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher with full-thin oil lubrication, greatly improving the service life of the equipment, workers do not need to beat butter every class, saving maintenance time equipment. Multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher hydraulic protection and hydraulic clearance cavity, high degree of automation, easier maintenance, operation more convenient, reduce downtime, increase equipment production time and increase production.

2. PFW impact crusher to increase the hydraulic jacking device, equipment maintenance and replacement of wearing parts is quick and easy; heavy-duty rotor design, the rotor in the rotation process to obtain greater moment of inertia, increased combat power, yield improve.

3. Counterattack crusher with three-chamber counter-break, compared to the traditional two-chamber counter-break, three-chamber counter-break material in the cavity, the number of blows, a molding rate, fine material, just to meet the feldspar broken Claim.