Background of the project

With the development of the world economy, now every country attaches great importance to infrastructure construction, in order to adapt to the modernization of infrastructure development, aggregate production of sand and gravel have more requirements. This production line was invested in the Philippines, and the SBM program was finally selected in many comparisons.

Process flow

The aggregate production line is mainly composed of rod vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, cone crusher and circular vibrating screen equipment configuration. The original material from the digging machine, rod vibrating feeder with feed grate, the feed material can be pre-screening, after the first broken through the jaw broken belt conveyor output, the bulk material through the feeder evenly Cone crusher equipment, the material has been broken to meet the material requirements, through the belt machine output. After a series of crushing, screening, and ultimately come to the market needs of the construction aggregate.


Equipment configuration advantages

1. Mobile Crusher the integration of the entire unit

Integration of equipment installation unit form, eliminating the complexity of the site infrastructure installation operations, reducing the material, working hours, but also greatly reduces the site area.

2. Mobile crusher to reduce material transport costs

Mobile crushing station can directly do the first-line on-site material crushing, eliminating the transport of materials from the scene and then broken intermediate links, greatly reducing the transportation costs of materials.

3. Mobile crusher flexibility

The mobile crushing station is convenient for ordinary road driving, which makes it easier to travel in the rugged road environment of the crushing airport area. It saves time for quicker entry to the construction site and provides more flexible space and reasonable layout for the whole crushing process.

4. Mobile crusher adaptable and flexible configuration

The mobile crusher station can work independently for the coarse crushing and fine crushing and screening system and can also be combined with the system to configure the unit. The unloading hopper side provides a variety of configuration flexibility for screening the material conveying mode.

5. Mobile crusher operation is direct and effective

The integrated series of mobile crushing stations can be used independently or can provide customers with more flexible process configuration for the material type and product requirements in the process to meet the requirements of mobile crushing and moving screening.

6. Mobile Crusher reliable performance and easy maintenance

The overall equipment performance is stable, the operation cost is low, the material is even; The structure is simple and easy to maintain and maintain.