Case Introduction

After the inspection, the company selected SBM mobile crushing equipment, which is the largest solid waste disposal line with the largest scale, lowest production cost and best benefit. The production line is running normally, and it produces 130t-200t gravel and stone powder.

Process flow

Solid waste from the digging machine loading, rod vibrating feeder with feed grate, the feed material can be pre-screening, part of the fine material without broken through the grate directly out of the screen, through the belt conveyor output, large Block material through the feeder even into the crushing equipment PFW1214II European version of the impact crusher, waste material through the broken to the request, through the belt machine output. The customer needs a mixture, so there is no screening equipment.

Equipment configuration advantages

The project is designed by SBM, using the most advanced K series mobile crushing station, greatly reducing the unnecessary investment. Compared with the fixed production line, K-series mobile stations have short construction period and quick follow-up, which not only reduces the investors' investment risk and opportunity cost, but also avoids the construction and demolition after the project ends. Excellent depreciation and preservation ability, so that investors can quickly put into operation new projects, or discount sales, lower investment costs.