Integral cast steel process, not only good-looking and more reliable

We use high-quality steel castings for the core load-bearing parts of the jaw, the movable jaw and the bearing seat. This process not only ensures that the crusher frame fully fits seamlessly but also greatly enhances the radial strength of the components , More reliable performance, more durable.

Digital processing, higher accuracy

Shi Bang Industrial has dozens of CNC machine tool production line, from the steel plate cutting, bending, planing, milling to paint, are to achieve digital control, high precision machining, part of the core components to a precise (trace) or even higher standards.

Segmented jaw plate design, just to allow customers to lower maintenance costs

Through a return visit to our customers, our R & D team noted that the lower jaw assembly wears faster than the other parts due to the particularity of the feed and the jaw breaking principle, and the integrated jaw design significantly increases operating and maintenance costs. To solve this problem, we use a three-stage jaw plate design in the large-scale jaw-if the bottom of the jaw plate is worn more seriously, it can be used with the upper jaw plate to continue to use and save the cost.