Core parts with super high manganese steel castings, longer life, shorter downtime

For jaw crusher operating conditions are usually relatively poor, consumable fast consumption and other characteristics of our core material selection is very elegant, using the current international most recognized high-quality high-manganese steel castings. The casting greatly prolongs the service life of the core parts, and effectively avoids the over-maintenance of the overhaul production.

"Power" insurance, effective response to overload, so that production more secure

PE jaw crusher brackets not only the power transmission components, but also the crusher of the insurance parts - when the crusher into the non-broken material and make the machine more than normal load, SBM design of the bracket design can automatically Broken, so that crusher stop working, to avoid damage to the entire machine to ensure production safety.

Rely on fine processing, will be simple to do extraordinary

Although the structure of the broken jaw is relatively simple, but its processing is always in need of fine processing, such as the perfect machining, heat treatment and flaw detection to ensure that the eccentric shaft has sufficient strength and rigidity; precision cutting to ensure that the flywheel, The weight and structure of the crusher to enhance the work of the balance, SBM developed a strict quality inspection procedures, advanced machine tool processing equipment, so that each factory jaw broken perfect.


PE series jaw crusher