Impact crusher, which uses one of the high speed of the impact kinetic energy of the plate hammer, makes the free state of the mud along the weak surface (such as the natural fracture joint surface).

Wait for the binding weak side of the molecular layer, the product size is a cube, the product in the coarse particles always have a lot of strength and toughness, and therefore can get a satisfactory result.

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1. Impact crusher shortcomings

In the actual production, we found that in the equipment there are the following shortcomings: first, the mixture of fine material has not broken a large piece of material, that is, the phenomenon of oil leakage.

Secondly, the brokerage, the material from the mouth of the material collapse phenomenon is not conducive to life safety and environmental damage.

Third, from the joint shaft and the fine and pulled out, the bearing shell and the shell between the broken, easy to lead to dust in the bearing, bearing the function.

2 . Impact crusher optimization

In view of the above three problems, the state of the world machine adopt three solutions for improvement: firstly, edge and below the original 100mm from such distance under the bottom plate of the rotor inlet valve, by extending the length of bottom plate, shortened to less than 50mm, to avoid a part of the material leaking from the gap.

Secondly, the use of waste elevator chain connection, arranged in a crisscross pattern behavior. Enter the port mounted on the rotor, and in serial connection bar wear, which will impact crushing materials affect the chain tent placed, by chain splashed onto the screen of the rotor and enter valve outlet.

Third, the production characteristics of thin material clamp and its fixed shaft between the bearing and the shell, when in use, the rotor rotates to drive the pliers shaft taking bearing on extrusion materials do not squeeze into material bearing and bearing damage.

Anyway, the reform measures to ensure this type of production impact type crushing machine production process requirements and safety, reduces the labor intensity and working personnel, provide a strong guarantee, with safe and reliable operation and wide popularization.