As is known to all, the mineral resource is an important resource in our country, mining in social development plays a vital role, provide energy and raw materials for the society in various industrial sectors, is an indispensable part of the healthy development of the national economy. With the rapid development of economy and economic growth, the consumption of mineral resources is very large, which leads to the increasing depletion of mineral resources. Therefore, to improve the rational development and utilization of mineral resources, more and more important to meet the development of market economy, mining machinery and equipment on the rational development and utilization of mineral resources have a great impact.

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Extensive exploitation of mineral resources in the past has gradually been abandoned by the society, therefore, backward production technology and production capacity of low small businesses will be eliminated from the market, at the same time, the government also strengthen the supervision of mineral development, to strengthen the rectification work efforts. Enterprises with backward production capacity and serious waste of resources will be forced to shut down or limit the exploitation of. Therefore, the mining machinery and equipment should be environmental protection, energy conservation, emission reduction and high production capacity. Cone crusher is the main equipment of mining machinery industry, and it is sure to carry out technical innovation.

According to the new crushing theory, combined with the latest technology, introduced a new type of high efficient cone crusher can greatly reduce the energy consumption and effective material crushing, increase the utilization rate of mineral resources, so as to eliminate the phenomenon of serious waste. The new high efficiency cone crusher has the advantages of high speed, high crushing capacity, stable performance and good product granularity. The new high efficiency cone crusher is developed to meet the needs of the market and the development of the times, which makes an important contribution to the rational exploitation and efficient utilization of mineral resources.

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