The lid is automatically opened using a hydraulic device

Taking into account the maintenance of the sand making machine, the replacement of parts and other issues, we discard the traditional way behind the lifting of the lid and manual jack jack from the way, the introduction of semi-automatic hydraulic system, the operator only need to press the button to open the top Cover, and the next step and so on. The system greatly reduces the labor intensity, saving labor costs and improve efficiency.

Split-type design, weeks of life longer plate

According to the actual production, we found that more than the central plate from the beginning of wear and tear, the use of one-piece perimeter of the case, when the middle of serious wear and tear, it must replace the entire board, Improved split design, the central wear up and down after the head can be used to greatly extend the life of the perimeter board, reducing the cost of wearing parts cost.

New bulk tray design

Considering the two production requirements of sand making and shaping by customers, we need to switch between the two modes of feeding the center of the sand making machine and waterfall feeding. We have made a new and improved design for the bulk tray. In switching production needs, the operator only need to gently move the plate toggle the bulk of the plate, that is to complete the mode conversion, greatly reducing downtime and manual adjustment of operating costs.


VSI5X series new sand making machine